Jade Travel Mat Review

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Although the Jade Travel Mat is my third choice among travel yoga mats, it scored 4.4 among reviewers on Amazon.com, which prompted me to look a little closer at it.

The Jade Travel Mat didn’t make the top position of my list for a few reasons, but it did score highly for lots of buyers on Amazon so let’s see why.

Show me the money, Jade Travel Mat

The Jade Travel Mat is the priciest of the three travel mats we’ve reviewed, running between $56 and $60, depending on the color.

The long version (74”) is available in several colors and costs between $62 and $65 on Amazon!

There are some nice color options available on both Amazon and on the Jade site, including black, midnight blue, teal, olive green and purple.

Same, same but different

The standard Jade Travel Mat size is 24” x 68”, weighing 3.2 lbs. That’s the same dimensions as the other two travel mats we’ve reviewed (the Gaiam Sol Thin-Grip Yoga Mat and the Manduka eKO SuperLite), but a fair amount heavier.

There’s also a longer version of the Jade Travel Mat available, which is 24” x 74”, and weighs 3.5 lbs.

Take me with you, baby

The Jade Travel Mat didn’t make my list of best travel yoga mats primarily because of its portability factor. My top priority in a travel mat is that it’s extremely packable and light. Otherwise, I’m leaving it at home and going with just my yoga towel.

The Jade Travel Mat weighs 3.2 lbs, which is a noticeable increase over the very light Manduka and Gaiam travel mats.

Jade Travel Yoga Mat

In addition, the Jade Travel Mat is twice as thick as the other two mats—⅛” thick. That is a plus for comfort, but it makes the mat less portable in my eyes. It’d eat up more space in my suitcase or would require that I carry a mat bag, an added carry-on burden. I don’t know about you, but I already feel like a sherpa when I travel and don’t really need one more item to deal with in the security line.

The all-important threesome: Grip, texture and slip-resistance
A positive aspect of the Jade mat is that it’s made of natural rubber with open-cell construction, giving it a wonderful grippy-ness! It excels on that front. Most reviewers loved the grip, but a few didn’t love the ‘sticky’ factor that attracted all kinds of particles off of the floor and stuck to its surface.

The open-cell construction seems to give this mat a little better grip than a closed-cell rubber mat. Will this make the mat less durable? A few reviewers DID mention that their Jade Travel Mat frayed on the edges and showed small nicks and wear, but it didn’t detract from its performance.

Rubber mats do have a limited lifespan, but if you take care of your mat you should see years of service from a natural rubber mat. Here are some additional tips on how to care for your yoga mat.

Love me, hold me

When you first take a rubber mat out of its packaging you may notice a fairly strong rubber smell. Many reviewers complained about the strength of this odor even after airing the mat out or wiping it with a mat wash. However, this smell will lessen with use.

After each use, be sure to let your mat dry before storing it. Roll up your mat for storage in a mat bag or at least store it out of direct heat (not in the trunk of a car) or direct sunlight.

Storing properly will lengthen the life of your rubber mat.

The best way to clean your mat is to use a good mat wash, wipe it down and allow it to air dry.

Jade’s mission

The cool thing about Jade as a company is that its mission includes planting a tree for every mat sold and creating eco-friendly mats that are biodegradable. And the mats are made in the U.S.A. I like that.

So in spite of some of the other slight downsides, Jade’s company mission may sway you strongly towards the purchase of this mat. If so, you can get the Jade Travel Yoga Mat here.