Jade Harmony Yoga Mat Review

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I have a lot of friends who love the Jade Harmony mat.

When I ask them why, their answers vary from, “I like the color,” to, “It just feels right.”

Which makes me think of the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The Manduka Pro black mat is like Papa Bear, the travel mats are like Mama Bear and the Jade Harmony Professional is Baby Bear, which means, it’s “just right.”

So it made our list as a good choice for an all-around, everyday mat of average thickness and above-average grip from a company that has a great mission statement.

JadeYoga plants a tree (in partnership with Trees for the Future) for every mat sold. They’ve planted almost one million trees! That’s a heart-warming accomplishment, and one that many yogis would want to be a part of.

It rated 4.6 out of 5 ☆s by Amazon buyers, which makes this mat one of the highest rated we’ve found. 73% of reviewers gave it ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆. It’s a well-loved yoga mat!

What makes the Jade Harmony so popular among yogis?

Jade touts this mat as “Nature’s Best Yoga Mat,” because it’s made from natural rubber, a renewable resource. It contains no synthetic plastics, which means it provides a chemical-free zone to practice on.

Are there any downsides to a rubber mat?

I found two aspects of this mat that people didn’t care for. One is the odor. The reviewers who gave the Jade Harmony mat a low score did so almost exclusively because of the rubber smell. Some buyers said that this mat had a strong rubber smell for months. Others liked the smell or said their mat lost the smell pretty quickly.

Fragrance is something to consider when buying a mat, especially if you have an aversion to certain smells. A rubber mat will smell like, well…rubber, but that will lessen over time.

There are mats out there that claim to be eco-friendly and yet miss the mark when it comes to their manufacturing process. The Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat is truly an eco-friendly mat, no question about it.

“Jade mats are made sustainably with natural rubber tapped from rubber trees, a renewable resource and unlike other mats, contains no PVC, EVA or other synthetic rubber and are made in the United States in compliance with all US environmental, labor and consumer protection laws.” That pretty much covers it all.

How big is it?

The standard Jade Harmony mat is 24” x 68,” is 3/16” thick and weighs 4.2 lbs. Pretty light in comparison to most mats.

The longer version is 24” x 74,” is 3/16” thick and weighs 4.6 lbs.

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

There is also a thicker Jade mat available. Stay tuned for a review on that one. It’s an awesome mat for restorative practices, Yoga Nidra and for yogins that want a little more padding. If you can’t wait for the review, you can see it here.)

Even the price is sorta midrange

The Jade Harmony comes in a bunch of cool colors (bright pink, key lime, saffron, black, purple, raspberry, teal, midnight blue, olive green, slate blue, orchid, Sedona red and Tibetan orange), and most of them on Amazon go for $74.95.

A few colors range off of this price, but the bulk of the 68” (standard length) mats land there.

The long version (74”) is priced at $79.95 with free Amazon Prime shipping.

JadeYoga sells this mat on its website for the same price, but you’ll pay for shipping (unless there’s a special going on).

This mat (and all Jade mats) are priced above average. What you get for that is a high-quality yoga mat that’s very eco-friendly and is made in the USA.

Critical factors: Grip, texture and slip-resistance

Hands down the buyers on Amazon who gave the Jade Harmony a high score would probably vote to change its name to World’s Most Grippy Yoga Mat! They raved about its grippiness. My friends like this quality too.

The slip-resistance of this mat is due to the open cell construction…but the downside of this is that it absorbs sweat. This can lead to bacteria growth if you don’t clean it regularly.

One Amazon reviewer, a vinyasa teacher who teaches 10+ classes a week and has a strong personal practice (in other words she is a heavy mat user), says she keeps her mat clean by giving it a quick spray with a little tea tree oil in water after every use and about once a month giving it a good wash in the bathtub. Those are great tips for caring for this mat. (For other tips, read our article on How to Care for Your Yoga Mat.)

There are other rubber mats that are closed-cell construction and they won’t absorb as much sweat as the Jade mats, but you won’t get the amazing grip of the Jade mat. So it’s a trade-off.

Tania had one of these mats (she passed it on to her mom to use) and she agrees they have a great grip, which is a BIG plus for a yoga mat. The Jade Harmony also has a nice density and cushy feeling, but it’s definitely not “foamy” feeling like some Big-Box store cheapo mats.

Will it last forever?

No, the Jade Harmony won’t last forever like some of the synthetic mats do. Remember, it’s made from a natural product. Nature has a lifespan. The circle of life, and all that.

That was one of the main factors that caused some reviewers to give this mat a lower-than-average score. Some buyers were disappointed to have to replace this mat in less than a year. That short lifespan may have something to do with the way they cared for their mat. Other reviewers said their mats were over two years old and still going strong.

The care and feeding of your mat

There ARE ways to extend the lifespan of the Jade Harmony mat or any rubber mat. The vinyasa teacher mentioned above does several things right and she says her mats last about a year with heavy use. She cleans them regularly and is very careful to keep them out of the sun.

A rubber mat is a biodegradable mat. Sun will speed that process up. It will also rob the Jade Harmony of some of the grip. Keep it in a mat bag or in your trunk.

For the same reason, it’s not a good idea to use this mat outdoors, unless you’re in the shade. The sun is a rubber mat’s enemy.

And please don’t throw it in the washing machine. A friend lost her new yoga mat to the washer. Total bummer. Click here to read more tips on how to care for your yoga mat.

The bottom line

If the superior grip of this mat and JadeYoga’s mission jibes with you then this might be YOUR mat. If so, you found a really good companion for your practice. Happy shopping!