How To Make Your New Mat Stickier

How To Make Your New Mat Stickier
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Thinking on How To Make Your New Mat Stickier? Here is the answer.

All new yoga mats come with a slightly slimy feeling to them because of the way they’re manufactured. The film takes a little time to wear off on its own so Tania and I have developed our own sneaky way to make our mats stickier, right out of the box.

Our go-to way (and one we’ve used many times in our yoga studio when students showed up with a new mat) is to scrub the surface with a dry cotton towel.

You can’t just rub the towel lightly over the surface. That won’t do anything. You gotta put a little elbow grease into it and scrub HARD. Concentrate your attention on where your hands and feet will be in downdog (i.e., the front and back portions of the mat) at first. The rest of the mat will naturally wear off in time but the front and back of the mat are the most important.

If you have a little more time, another great way to get the slippery film off is to sprinkle coarse sea salt over the surface and scrub it with a damp cotton cloth or even a stiff-bristled scrub brush; wipe off the salt and let it dry in the sun.

Here’s another option: Use these handy little rosin bags produced by Aurorae, which you can find at

Aurorae Yoga Non Slip Rosin Bag

Rosin comes from tree sap and it’s the stuff violinists use to prepare their bows to play (I know this factoid because I suffered through violin lessons during my formative years).

Aurorae is a small family business making yoga gear in the spirit of yoga. These bags last a long time, are odorless and are completely derived from nature. Be sure to keep them in a plastic bag since they absorb water from the air. As shown here, you can even apply them to your hands and feet like a gymnast would use chalk.

The final suggestion I have for you is just to USE your mat. A lot. Using your mat will improve its traction over time. The more you use it the better it gets.

Oh, and be sure to NEVER use soap on your mat or wear lotion on your hands and feet while practicing. Those will definitely make the situation worse! Read our article for more tips on how to care for your yoga mat.

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