Aurorae Premium Printed Yoga Mat Review

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If you like to practice on a mat that’s an expression of your personality, you should definitely check out the Aurorae Premium Printed Yoga Mat.

After a long search that took me through many mats, I landed on the Aurorae Premium Printed Yoga Mat as the pick of the colorful bunch. With over 1200 buyers reviewing this mat (74% of them giving it ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆), it stood out among the yoga mats with designs, with an overall average of 4.6 stars.

How is it built and of what?

The Aurorae Premium Printed Yoga Mat is made out of PER (Polymer Environmental Resin) which is free of phthalates, latex and silicone. This is a biodegradable material and is said to be an eco-friendly material.

The reviewers on Amazon gave it points for being odor free. The manufacturer says it does not emit toxic chemicals or gasses. It’s been tested for harmful substances and passed according to Oeko-Tex. The US FDA approved it as heavy metal-free, toxin-free and biodegradable.

Gaiam had a printed mat that was very similar to this mat, but it didn’t rate quite as high and only received less than half the reviews this mat did.

The Aurorae mat is a well-loved mat!

How big is this puppy?

Aurorae makes their printed yoga mat a bit longer than the average mat. It measures 24” x 72” and is 5mm thick. Even a yogini that is 5’3” loved that this mat had extra practice space. And it weighs just over 3 lbs, which makes it an easy mat to carry if you cycle or walk to class.

Most of the Amazon reviewers liked the thickness of this mat, commenting that it was just thick enough to pad knees and just firm enough to handle standing and balancing poses well. Not too thick and not too cushy. Just a few people complained that it was a little spongy feeling. I really dug through the reviews (not quite all 126 pages of them, but close) and the overall feeling of this mat is that the thickness and density were just right for most buyers.

It won’t break the bank

Aurorae Premium Printed Yoga Mat

This is what I would consider a mid-priced mat. It’s $10 more than the Gaiam printed mat and, like I mentioned already, the Aurorae Printed Yoga Mat scored noticeably higher. Is it worth $10 more? Well, that would be a question that only you can answer.

The all-important trifecta: Grip, texture and slip-resistance

If you’re asking, “Will I slip in downdog?” or, “Is it grippy enough for me to pull off a challenging arm balancing pose without crashing on my neighbor?,” you’ll be pleased to know this mat passes the grade overall. There were some reviewers that said it took some use for the mat to get that good sticky feel to it. But if you want to speed that time up, try the tips in this article: “How to Make Your New Mat Stickier

In addition, Aurorae suggests that you actually machine wash the mat before your first use! You don’t hear THAT very often. I’ve known friends who’ve had their mats eaten by the washing machine.

The caveat: Be sure to hang it to dry—do not put it in the dryer!!!

The washing will remove most of the film that is on all new yoga mats. You need to remove that film so you don’t slide in your first few classes on your new mat.

And Aurorae gives you a free gift with every mat purchase…a bag of rosin to eliminate any slipping. You can see how to apply it by going here. For those of you who really sweat during your yoga practice Aurorae has you covered. They go the extra step to make sure you stay put on your mat.

As for this mat being comfortable enough for a restorative class, one prenatal yogini shared that the mat made her hips and back very comfortable. I’ve been in Yoga Nidra classes on my Manduka Pro Black Mat and had to put a blanket under my hips and spine. Just a bit too dense for me in savasana.

This comfort feature is important in a mat and most of the reviewers shared that they liked the texture and feel of this mat.

But will your love last?

Durability was a feature that had reviewers all over the place. For the most part, it either wasn’t mentioned or was given positive reviews. But there were a few buyers that complained about signs of wear too soon.

Some of them contacted the company and received a new replacement mat with a personal note from the head of the company. I’d say that’s above average customer service. The company (a family-owned enterprise) does guarantee its products for two years.

Love and care of your Aurorae Premium Printed Yoga Mat

Aurorae recommends washing your mat with a soft brush and a little detergent in warm water, then rinsing and hanging dry. This mat will not biodegrade in the sun like a rubber mat will. Aurorae said it’s fine to hang it in the sun to dry, but to never put it in the dryer. I think we’re all clear that your mat in a dryer is a disastrous idea.

Make sure your mat is completely dry before use or you may slip on the mat OR the mat may slip on the floor. No fun!

Aurorae even suggests you wash your hands and feet with soap and water before practicing to reduce the natural oils in your skin. This will also keep your mat cleaner.